Large Molecules


Cell Banking

In our self-contained cell banking suite, manufacture microbial master and working cell banks.
[CellBanking]: Fillit machine

Upstream Processing

We provide a tailored and cost-effective cGMP production of bacterial and yeast expression-based drug substances.
[Upstream_1]: Centrifuges, filtration, homogenizers, microfluidizer. [Upstream_2]: Centrifuges, filtration, homogenizers, microfluidizer.


[Fermentation_1]: 100 L Fermenter [Fermentation_2 & 2B]: 1000 L Fermenter, CIP cart, DiskStack continuous centrifuge and C500 Avestin homogenizer. [Fermentation_3]: 120 L Fermenter, CIP cart

Downstream Processing

Our purification suites a wide range of specialized equipment to support production up to 1,000 L scale.
[Downstream_1]: AKTA Ready Single Use Purification Skid


[Purification_1]: TFF [Purification_2]: GE BioSystem 3 mm skid. [Purification_3]: GE BioSystem 10 mm skid. [Purification_4]: AKTA Ready Single Use Purification Skid.

DS Manufacturing Support

Our large molecule manufacturing suites house several dedicated areas to support an array of biologics manufacturing process.
[DSSupport_1]: Buffer solution preparation suite. [DSSupport_2]: Glass & parts washing, autoclave.

DS Manufacturing Corridors

[DSCorridor_1]: View of CIP cart for 100L fermenter. [DSCorridor_2]: View of CIP cart for 100L fermenter.