Development & Analytical Labs

ADC Development Lab

We offer a range of ADC services from sample preparation, material generation, and small scale conjugation services to conjugation process optimization, development and tech transfer services.
[ADCDev_1]: HPLC, UF/DF System, glass reactors, dedicated ADC fume hood, VBE [ADCDev_2]:Solo VPE, Nano-drop, AKTA Pure chromatography system

Analytical Technology (B7)

We customize phase-appropriate analytical programs to the specific needs of your unique molecule delivering a comprehensive understanding and characterization of the molecule for each stage of development and commercialization.
[AnalyticalTech_4]: HPLC, CE-SDS, CIEF. [AnalyticalTech_5]: BSC, UV ELISA, Plate shaker, UV Vis.

Mass Spectrometry Lab

[MassSpecLab]: QQQ MS, QTOF MS.