Drug Product

Formulation Suite

Our formulation scientists are highly knowledgeable in manufacturing various complex formulations, including liposomes & nanoparticles, conjugates, crystallized proteins, adjuvants, and viscous products
[HP Formulation_6]: BSC for blending drug substance and buffers

High Potency / ADC Line

We offer high quality, sterile fill finish capabilities with fully contained and integrated fill finish line, including integrated lyophilization, for highly potent compounds.
[HP Filling_1]: Automated tray loader, washer & inline depyrogenation for vials. [HP Filling_2]: Automated tray loader, washer & inline depyrogenation for vials. [HP Filling_3]: Capping and external vial washer. [HP Filling_4]: IMA filler for 2 mL - 10 mL vials , automated lyophilizer loading and unloading and LyoMax 5.

HP Offloading

[Offload_3]: IMA offloading and vial counting suite.

Lyophilizer Mechanical Space

[LyoMech]: For easy cleaning and maintenance of the lyophilizer.

Bulk Fill

[HP BulkFill]: Bulk fill or smaller hand fill operations.

HP Manufacturing Support

[HP Support_1]: Pre-wash suite. [HP Support_2]: Autoclave. [HP Support_3]: Clean equipment suite.

HP Manufacturing Corridors

[HP Corridor_1]: View of Weigh & Dispense suite. [HP Corridor_2]: View of Bulk Fill suite. [HP Corridor_3]: View of capping area of the fill line. [HP Corridor_4]: View of manufacturing control room. [HP Corridor_5]: View of lyophilizer mechanical suite.