Support Areas


Our modern warehouse, shipping and receiving facilities provide continuously monitored controlled temperature storage for raw materials, drug products, drug substances and APIs. These facilities ensure that product quality attributes including Safety, Identity, Strength, Purity and Quality are maintained.
[Warehouse_1]: 2-8°C, -80°C and -30°C material storage. [Warehouse_2]: Ambient and -80°C material storage. [Warehouse_3]: Warehouse overview, staging area. [Warehouse_4]: Ambient material storage. [Warehouse_5]: Workstations. [Warehouse_6]: Warehouse expansion.

Material Receiving

[Receiving_1]: GMP & non-GMP receiving area


In our onsite shipping suites, we offer short-term ICH storage, logistics and distribution.
[Shipping_1]: Shipping area workstations. [Shipping_2]: Shipping area 2-8°C walk in and -80°C . [Shipping_3]: Shipping storage area.

Water Room (B7)

Our utility areas house the critical equipment and systems required to manufacture under GMP.
[Utility_10]: USP water. [Utility_11]: Clean steam, WFI.