Conjugation Suite

[HP Formulation_5]: Reynolds chemical fume hood for bulk handling of non-flammable, potent products.

Buffer Prep

[HPBuffer]: Complex and simple formulation of buffer solution preparations.

Weigh & Dispense

[HP WeighDisp]: 5-Glove negative pressure isolator for potent compound handling.

HP Manufacturing Support

[HP Support_1]: Pre-wash suite. [HP Support_2]: Autoclave. [HP Support_3]: Clean equipment suite.

HP Manufacturing Corridors

[HP Corridor_1]: View of Weigh & Dispense suite. [HP Corridor_2]: View of Bulk Fill suite. [HP Corridor_3]: View of capping area of the fill line. [HP Corridor_4]: View of manufacturing control room. [HP Corridor_5]: View of lyophilizer mechanical suite.