[Warehouse_1]: 2-8°C, -80°C and -30°C material storage. [Warehouse_2]: Ambient and -80°C material storage. [Warehouse_3]: Warehouse overview, staging area. [Warehouse_4]: Ambient material storage. [Warehouse_5]: Workstations. [Warehouse_6]: Warehouse expansion.

Material Receiving

[Receiving_1]: GMP & non-GMP receiving area


[Shipping_1]: Shipping area workstations. [Shipping_2]: Shipping area 2-8°C walk in and -80°C . [Shipping_3]: Shipping storage area.

Utility Yard (B1)

[Utility_2]: O2 [Utility_3]: N2

Utility Yard (B3)

[Utility_4]: Clean compressed air system. [Utility_5]: N2 [Utility_6]: O2

Water Room (B1)

[Utility_7]: USP water, WFI & clean steam generator.

Water Room (B3)

[Utility_1]: USP water [Utility_8]: WFI [Utility_9]: Clean steam, WFI still, WFI tank & distribution.