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Additional Services

Terminal Sterilization

Our in-house terminal sterilization capability is ideal for sterilizing solutions in sealed syringes and vials.
[Sterlization_1]: Fedegari terminal steam sterilizer. [Sterlization_2]: Terminal sterilization offload area.

Visual Inspection

Our onsite visual inspection facility houses five independent and configurable suites and has the team and processes in place to ensure each final product is inspected to meet your product's requirements.
[Visual Insp_1]: Visual inspection light booths. [Visual Insp_2]: Visual inspection corridor.

Packaging & Labeling

We offer in-house custom labeling, and packaging, serialization and aggregation solutions ensure your product’s success.
[PackLabel_1]: Automated labeling and packaging line. [PackLabel_2]: Aggregation stations. [PackLabel_3]: Semi-automated syringe labelers. [PackLabel_4]: Cap coding and tray loading.