Small Molecules

Quality Control

Wet Lab

Suitable for wet analysis
Coulometer, Milli Q water system, KF, Auto titrator, Ovens

Analytical Balance

Suitable for sample weighing

Stability Chambers Room

Sample incubation
Chamber – 1 (Long term study), Chamber – 2 (Intermediate study), Chamber – 3 (Accelerated study)

Incubators Room

Suitable for incubation of Micro analysis samples
Biological incubator (Incubate the analyzed bacterial samples), BOD Incubator (to incubate the analyzed fungal samples)

LAF Room (Laminar Air Flow)

Suitable for the analyzed microbiology samples with aseptic condition

Instrumentation Room 1

Chromatographic and Spectroscopic analysis
HPLC, UPLC, UV, IR, Polarimeter,Refractrometer.


Suitable for solvent analysis
GC-ALS (Auto Liquid Sampler), GC HSS (Head Space Sampler)